Welcome to the Vendor Emporium!

We are here to provide a platform for vendors to connect to other vendors to buy and sell products.

Why Vendor Emporium?

We Understand Vendors

At Vendor Emporium, we understand vendors. While Vendor Emporium is new, our people have been in the collectibles market for over 30 years and know exactly what vendors want and need when connecting to other vendors.

No Transaction Fees

At Vendor Emporium we understand that vendors have their own preferred methods of sending and accepting payments which benefits both buyers and sellers when there is no middle man taking their cut.  That’s why at Vendor Emporium we do not process transactions, that means no transaction fees from us.  Vendor Emporium is dedicated to linking vendors to other vendors and providing a platform to submit listings to buy and sell products wholesale, but the method of transaction is up to you. We fully support vendor to vendor communication to make transactions by their own means.